Come Fly with the Country Squire Modelers Sat! Purple Martin Banding went well Sat. Sherwood Island Pavillion Ribbon-Cutting June 23, 2015 A Great Annual Meeting! Rep. Devlin Adopts Sherwood Island State Park Spring is here! The Nature Center is open!

Come Fly with the Country Squire Modelers Sat!

At 1 PM, The Country Squire Modelers will be putting on a ground school, and allowing the public to fly their training aircraft! Sherwood Island's air field is just to the left as you enter the park. Take your first available left past the entrance and circle around. Rain date is Sunday, July 12th. 1pm   DSCN0261   DSCN0246 DSCN0258 DSCN0263   DSCN0260 DSCN0264

Purple Martin Banding went well Sat.

From Phyllis Groner: The Friends of the Sherwood Island Nature Center in the past two years have taken over the responsibility of the Nesting Gourds once owned by former Westporter Phil Donahue who had them on his property before he moved.   Tina Green, a Westporter said: “I brought the Martins here and monitor them…..last year we banded 105 martins.  The Sherwood Island Nature Center bands their Martins with a red band.  Every banding site bands with their own color so it is easier to follow their migration paths and to see which return.  

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Sherwood Island Pavillion Ribbon-Cutting June 23, 2015

pavillion A lively event, well-attended by our wonderfully supportive local representatives fosiribbonpols --and our all 4 of our new board members:   Erica Caldwell, Michele Sorensen and Nancy Ferriello, nancymichele and disc-golf maven, Chris Scofield   chrisbasket   The representatives even had a great time with Sherwood Island's hot new sport, disc-golfing: polsdiskgolf More pics from the event are here:   And WestportNow's terrific news item is here:   larrysusangroner    Photo by Phyllis Groner Here's the coverage in photos from the Norwalk Hour: More Photos on Flickr: [FAG id=2935]

A Great Annual Meeting!

IMG_1864Hope Hageman gave Tina Green FOSI's TRUE FRIEND award, in appreciation for so many contributions that have enriched Sherwood Island. Most recently: obtaining and installing our Purple Martin gourds! (Come to the Purple Martin Bird Banding July 10!)tina:gourdsIMG_1698   Renowned photographer Larry Silver gave a great talk. (pictured above with Mary Ann West and FOSI Board President Liz-Ann Koos.)   And 3 new board members were voted in: Michele Sorensen, Nancy Ferriello and Chris Scofield. WELCOME!   IMG_1907

Rep. Devlin Adopts Sherwood Island State Park

State Rep. Laura Devlin (R-134) on Wednesday announced she will be adopting Sherwood Island State Park in Westport.

Spring is here! The Nature Center is open!

Our new Nature Center Director, Nick Kuell, welcomes all!     2014 NC webphoto IMG_5845   NickCu    

Helping to preserve and protect Connecticut's oldest State Park

The Park

Sherwood Point

Sherwood Island State Park, on the shore of Long Island Sound in Westport Connecticut, is a peninsula that covers 234 acres of beach, wetlands and woodlands. People come to the park to walk, bike, swim, fish, study nature, watch birds, fly kites, fly model airplanes, play volleyball, picnic, or just relax under the trees.

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Nature Center


The Nature Center is now OPEN!

The Nature Center and its programs are free (park entrance fees may apply). (If interested in scheduling a private program for 2015, contact Nick via email below.)

The Nature Center is open Wed-Sun, 10-4


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The Friends

At the opening ceremony, DEP Deputy Commissioner Susan Frechette, Acting Commissioner Amey Marrella, Westport First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, DEP Supervisor Mark Rickert, Friends President Sheila O'Neill.

Who we are

In 1995, a coalition of concerned outdoorsmen, sportsmen, environmentalists, and citizens banded together to form the Friends of Sherwood Island State Park, Inc.

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Interning at the Nature Center


Do you like to work with animals? Do you enjoy educating the public about our local environment? Do you like posting to social media? Do you like working at a beautiful location? Do you like getting paid for what you love doing? The Nature Center has paid internships for students age 16 through high school. Click here to read the Intern Guide [pdf]; if you are hired, you will be expected to follow these guidlelines.

If you like the job description, fit the age requirements, and can abide by the parameters in the Intern Guide, please click on and complete this Intern Application and submit as directed before April 11.  

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Reference Maps


Jennings composite

A cut-out from a larger map in the 1933 book Greens Farms, by George Penfield Jennings. It is a composite in which different time periods coexist.

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Richard McBride

Richard McBride volunteered to make informational wooden signs along the trail behind the Nature Center. The Friends of Sherwood Island could use your help, too! There are lots of ways that you can get involved! If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact Friends of Sherwood Island at or complete the Online Volunteer Form . Thank you for your interest!