Friends’ Garden Team

Here’s your chance to create, enhance and maintain wildlife habitat in the park using native plants. The Friends’ Garden Team has been restoring dunes in the East Beach since 2017. We planted a Pollinator Garden in front of the Nature Center, added native plants at the park entrance, and curate the Three Sisters Garden located behind the Nature Center.

In 2018 the team captain became a UCONN certified Master Gardener and in 2019 recruited Master Gardener interns to join other volunteers meeting year-round once a month in the winter and 2-3 times per week from spring through fall.  We work with school and community groups by appointment.

For 2024 we plan to meet Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons for two hours each day.  Meetups are weather dependent.  On hot days we meet earlier in the morning.

Contact to be added to our team list.