Connecticut DEP’s Wildlife Division publishes a list of Endangered and Threatened Species, which includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. Their bird list is presented below in the format of the Sherwood Island checklist, which includes most of the Endangered and Threatened Species. For each of the listed birds, DEP provides fact sheets.

In the table below, “Status” refers to Endangered (E), Threatened (T), or Special Concern (SC). For species sighted in the park during the 2002-2003 Fall-Winter season, links are provided to the sightings reports and/or photographs.


The Willet, listed as a Species of Special Concern, was an occasional visitor to the park until 1997. Since then one to three pairs have nested each year. The birds arrive in late April or early May and leave in August.

Family Species Status SISP Sightings, 2002-2003
Kites, Eagles, Hawks Bald Eagle E report
Northern Harrier E photo
Cooper’s Hawk T photo
Sharp-shinned Hawk E
Falcons Peregrine Falcon E
Grebes Pied-billed Grebe E
Bitterns and Herons American Bittern E report, photo
Least Bittern T
Great Egret T
Snowy Egret T
Rails, Gallinules, Coots Black Rail E report
King Rail E
Common Moorhen E
Plovers Piping Plover T
Sandpipers & Phalaropes Upland Sandpiper E
Willet SC see below
Skuas,Gulls,Terns,Skimmers Least Tern T
Roseate Tern E
Barn Owl Barn Owl E
Typical Owls Long-eared Owl E photo
Short-eared Owl T photo
Woodpeckers Red-headed Woodpecker E
Larks Horned Lark T photo
Wrens Sedge Wren E
Wood-warblers Yellow-breasted Chat E report, photo
Towhees,Sparrows,Longspurs Vesper Sparrow E photo
Grasshopper Sparrow E