Sponsored by the Friends of Sherwood Island.


We had a BEAUTIFUL day for the Nature Center’s 10th Birthday celebration Saturday.

The Friends of Sherwood Island, who collected funds and lobbied and pushed for the creation of the Nature Center were excited to host a Birthday Party at the Nature Center this Saturday afternoon.

The guests – the focus of our celebration – were the children who come to the Park and enjoy the Nature Center during the summer season when the Park and Nature Center are at their finest.

Their parents were greeted by our NEW electronic sign:



So in honor of the kids:

We had KITES, KITES and more KITES

–Kids made their own BIRD FEEDERS




–and they blew giant BUBBLES


–and painted SHELLS



–And played CORNHOLE and DISC GOLF



–And had free CUPCAKES, POPCORN, and ICEYs


AND they were able to actually plant a seed (nasturtium) into its own cup of dirt to take home and grow themselves.



–AND, most of all, learned about nature–both inside the Nature Center,



and outside, underneath the Park’s huge Cottonwood tree, with a wild and wonderful “Birds of Prey” demonstration from Earthplace’s Sammi Riccio.

   .  .   .    

 .  .   . 


THANKS to Sherwood Island’s staff and families for their expertise and help!




All in all, a WONDERFUL DAY in the Westport Neighborhood!










Here’s what WE did on Sherwood Island!


CT TRAILS DAY 2019 at Sherwood Island State Park, Sat. June 1st

Events Sponsored by the Friends of Sherwood Island


9:00 am Kayak Paddle with Michele Sorensen






10:00amWonder of Flight Interactive Air Show

Annual Wonder of Flight Interactive Air Show: informative and fun.The Air Show will include numerous giant scale radio controlled model planes, helicopters, gliders and drones, some with wing spans exceeding ten feet. The Air Show is hosted by the Country Squires, a group of remote controlled aircraft enthusiasts registered with Academy of Model Aeronautics.




12:30 amArchaeology Walk

Join us for an Archaeology Walk on the Sherwood Island History Trail.The walk will be led by Archaeologists Ernie Wiegand and Dawn Brown.

  .  . 

Photos by Gene Borio

Photo by Erica Caldwell


2:00Nature Walk

Discover Sherwood Island! Go beach to beach and discover habitats, inhabitants, and special features (9/11 Memorial, model Airport, wetlands, pine forest) of this waterfront Gateway park.  With Louis Pietig.


Adam Goodman spotted it just about to take off–and got a video! You can see it on our facebook page here:




Here’s to the heroic team that took this mess

and made it a WONDERFUL Osprey Platfrom. And in Feb! See their progress below:
Mark Hally, Terry Shaw,Mathew Hally, Tina Green, Ed Haesche with completed Osprey platform on February 21,2018.
Here’s a personal letter from Tina Green to the Aspetuck Land Trust and Friends of Sherwood:
My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. Thank you Aspetuck Land Trust and Friends of Sherwood for your donations to pay for the platform materials and to Terry Shaw and Mark Hally for building the platform. It was a great team effort to get the platform done and installed just in time for our Ospreys which will be returning in the next few weeks.
Thank you Mark and Mathew Hally, Ed Haesche, Deanna Broderick, and Gilles Carter who volunteered their time and “muscle” to help make our new Osprey platform a reality.
Terry and his team moved with precision and purpose and were awesome to watch in action.Our Osprey platform was the 65th Terry has built and installed in the state and it won’t be his last!
Thanks also to Jim Beschle, the park supervisor, and his hard working staff, who have supported my efforts to keep Sherwood Island State Park as a top birding destination in CT and in the northeast.
Our Ospreys will be arriving in the next few weeks and I will update you with a photo when they do!
Warmest regards,
Tina Green
Westport CT