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Greens Farms Today

Mill Pond Sherwood Point New Creek Burying Hill to
Frost Point
Beachside Avenue

What the State owns

Sherwood Island State Park is on the left side of the photo. The Sherwood Connector crosses I95 and becomes the entrance road that leads down to Sherwood Point. West of the entrance road lie the Sherwood’s Island uplands. East of the road, the Mill Creek runs from the Mill Pond through the salt marsh to New Creek, the park’s eastern border.

What the Town owns

West of the park, Westport owns the Mill Pond. East of the park, across New Creek, Westport owns Burying Hill Beach, which stretches over to Frost Point.

Private property

Across the thruway north of the marsh, the Nyala Farms commercial buildings are on land where cattle once grazed. Just north of Burying Hill on New Creek is the Green’s Farms Academy, which was once a private estate. In the 1600s, the Bankside Farmers settled in the area surrounding Burying Hill. In the 1800s, some of the State’s wealthiest families built homes on the Beachside Avenue “Gold Coast.” The waterfront along Beachside Avenue is all private.


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