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Art Trail Viewpoint

Not far from New York and easily reached by good rail service, Connecticut was an ideal place for scores of American Impressionists to paint.

On the Connecticut Impressionist Art Trail, you can see some of the finest paintings at nine museums.

In 2002, the Trail extended its reach with Viewpoints, outdoor exhibits featuring reproductions of American Impressionist paintings in or near the settings the artists actually worked.

Each Viewpoints plaque is located on publicly accessible land and consists of a large display panel featuring a color reproduction of the painting, along with information about the artist, the painting, and the historic significance of the landscape.

The Viewpoint at Sherwood Island State Park features the artist Edward Potthast, who painted along the New England coast.

For more information about this Viewpoint and others: At the Art Trail website, click the link to “Visit scenic painting sites that inspired American Impressionism.”