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The Only Lobster in town was at SHOREFEST ON A ROLL!

Sunday, September 20, visitors toured our re-visioned Shorefest “on a Roll” event. They took a family drive through Sherwood Island State Park with fun stops along the way.  At the last stop, they picked up their pre-ordered Lobster Roll dinner (courtesy of WestFair!).


CONGRATULATIONS to the Friends–Cece Saunders and Steve Axthelm–who envisioned and implemented this unique, wonderful event. Almost alone amongst lobster fest organizers, they figured out how to do it during Covid-19–and actually made it work! AND made it fun for all! Board President Liz-Ann Koos says, “GOOD JOB!” And we all say, THANK YOU!

Also THANKS to:

The Pantry of Fairfield

(that delicious strawberry shortcake in your Lobster Pack).

New England Brewing Co.

(a bottle of their small-batch craft beer in each dinner)


(a lobster-themed sugar coookie for each child in a car)

And our representatives, past, present and future, who have adopted us!



The visitors just kept on comin’

They got lots of guides:





(Photo by Toni Boucher)





A young lad’s dreams soar on a kite into the wide open blue skies at Shorefest



History of the Park AND Purple Martin Education:

The Country Squires and the AIRFIELD!

Two young prospective flyers get an up close lesson from a Country Squire in the fun that goes with flying remote control planes at the Sherwood Island Airfield.



Cogi and Syd Music:



The Shamrogues:

The Hall Family


BackCountry Jazz BeBoppers




Lobsy sez,





Here is our Final Mix of the Shorefest on a Roll podcast. This is what participants heard as they toured the event! Follow along on the map (above)!


You can download and save the podcast here.

Sunday, September 20
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm