Interning at the Nature Center

“Peaches” the Kid-friendly snake is STILL HERE at the Nature Center!  To obtain information about summer volunteer opportunities, contact Cece at Check out our Nature Center’s job opportunities here. Then you can apply here! Here is a description of being an intern, written by an intern: I started working at the nature center three summers ago and I have come back every year. The Sherwood Island Nature Center internship is a really interesting job; there aren’t many jobs like it. The interns have a creative process throughout the summer where as a group we come up with ideas and activities that draw as many kids and adults as possible to the Nature Center. Throughout the day an intern should expect to be giving tours of the center, giving a nature walk or scavenger hunt, teaching children about the touch tank, or doing any activity we come up with on the beach. For instance one summer we decided it would be cool to make bird houses so a few days later we were already having kids come to the Nature Center to build birdhouses. Also as an intern it was a learning experience because I never realized how many people I met at the Nature Center learned from what I was saying. I had no idea how many people thought a horseshoe crab was a manta ray. But this internship for me was a really fun time, but I also learned a lot and built long lasting friendships.  Jon Wormser, 2012