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Westport, CT
June 9, 2017
The Friends of Sherwood Island held their Annual Meeting Thursday, at which the public was invited.
It was a chance for the Friends to show off and celebrate the year’s achievements and events–and the people who made them happen. Co-Presidents Erica Caldwell and Liz-Ann Koos congratulated Allison Rivard for her phenomenal work organizing 5–count’em–5 events for CT Trails Day last weekend–trails over land, sea and in the air! Pamela Adams presented long-time Friend Sheila O’Neill–who has been on the Board for 12 years, and has maintained vital communications with other CT Friends’ groups–with an Honorary Life Membership.
The Friends have created a Friends’ Advisory Council for special contributors. People like Tony Palmer of Anthony’s Nursery & Garden Center in Westport, who donated work and plants to help bring the newly-restored Pavillion up to proper condition in time for last year’s 9/11 Commemoration. And people like Tina Green and super-photographer AJ Hand who help us all appreciate the beauty and variety of the bird life on Sherwood Island.
The featured speaker was Adam Whelchel, Ph.D, the Director of Science at the Nature Conservancy CT. He addressed the availability of land for vital salt marshes in the coming years of rising sea levels, estimated at 4’4″ in the next few decades. He talked about how the rise will affect land and salt marshes on the shoreline in Connecticut as a whole, in our community of Westport, and on Sherwood Island. There are political aspects to how we deal with this issue, and State Senator Toni Boucher and Dr. Whelchel had a great discussion about them!
It was a convivial and informative event. Even some Board business got done.
And the hor d’oeuvres were delicious!
Co-Presidents Liz-Ann Koos and Erica Caldwell
Sheila O’Neill gets a well-deserved Lifetime Membership Award. From left: Erica Caldwell, Sheila O’Neill, Tara Engle (Sheila’s daughter), Pamela Adams
Generous contributor to the 9/11 Pavilion vegetation, Tony Palmer, of Anthony’s Nursery & Garden Center.
State Senator Toni Boucher
Sheila O’Neill’s daughter Tara Engle enjoyed taking pics of her mom.
New Nature Center Director Sophia Corde
Dr. Adam Whelchel took us on a journey to the slightly-damper future.
State Senator Toni Boucher gets in a little meet-and-greet.
A Friend, a Supervisor, and a Senator discuss events in Hartford. Let’s hope the State Parks do well!
Cathy Talmadge, Board of Trustees, EarthPlace in Westport and Tony McDowell, Executive Director of EarthPlace in Westport)
Tina Green and Photographer AJ Hand