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SHIVERS! Here’s what happened This Weekend!

Saturday, October 19 - October 20

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Before you come Sunday (4-6pm), See what happened Saturday at!
The old SCAREcrow greeted you.
As did this creepy critter:
Who is THAT? I mean, Who WAS that??
A WITCH showed you the various activities:
Like Pumpkin Bowling,
A good old-fashioned bonfire
Bobbing for donuts:
You could pay a solemn visit to Ye Olde Burial Ground, where you could try out your own plot:
Or try some creepy Face Painting:
But–But–Are you sure you want to go in THERE?
Where a WITCH told you to stay close to your Guide. or else–
Welcome to my web, said the SPIDER:
Say, Doctor. ust what kind of operation IS THIS??
Do you need this eyeball, Dr.? I found it rolling on the floor!
While some had fun walking through the Haunted Nature Center,
  All the haunted creatures agreed–protect the oceans, be kind to the animals–or THIS could be next!
Of course, some visitors had to be carried away. We hear he may NOT be alright!
See more photos by Michele Sorensen at FOSI’s Facebook page


Be a GHOUL and Sign up here:
Shivers at Sherwood
Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Sherwood Island State Park – East End
Admission: $5 per car
Join us for ghoulish fun and seasonal favorites. Face painting, bob for apples, carve pumpkins. Enjoy live music Warm yourself by the bonfire. Or…brave the Haunted Nature Center where creatures of the night have taken over!