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Friends Garden Team Work & Learn Meetups

Wednesday, August 21

8:30 am - 11:00 am

Dates: August 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26 & 28.
September 4
October 9
November 13
The Friends’ Garden Team meets twice a week all summer, and monthly in the fall and winter to curate these gardens:
1) The Entrance – Prairie Grasses – easy to care for & drought tolerant, grasses offer wildlife value & year-round beauty.  Park in the spaces to the left of the ticket booths (in the exit lane).
2) East Beach Dune Restoration – Since 2017, we’ve been planting American Beach Grass to restore bare areas.  We’ve also added Roses and Beach Plums.  We need to continue adding to the grasses each year, and keeping them weeded so they become a robust habitat that anchors the dunes and helps wildlife.  Meet at the west end of the East Beach Parking Lot (just before the Concession Stand).
3) Nature Center Pollinator Garden – In 2018 we began planning & planting a meadow and wildflower garden to provide nectar for bees & butterflies, and host plants for butterflies and skippers.  We add new flowers and grasses every month, and follow up to water and weed so they thrive.
4) Nature Center Three Sisters Garden – We’ve expanded the garden concept to include Native American garden practices and plants from throughout the Western hemisphere.  The garden looks messy, but hiding inside are abundant berries and seeds for birds and small mammals, as well as an herb garden, and the traditional 3 Sisters corn, beans & squash.

Come join our work.  Contact for more information.