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A Cultural & Historical perspective on the American Lawn

Sunday, July 28

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

A Cultural & Historical perspective on the American Lawn – Judy Preston, LI Sound Watershed Regional Conservation Coordinator

Join us tomorrow, July 28th at 4 pm in the Nature Center for our Sunday Speaker Judy Preston of CT Sea Grant on “The American Lawn:  Environmental Friend or Foe?”
Judy presents fascinating historical details going back to the Founding Fathers landscape design, through the post WWII Levitown era to today.
An educator for LI Sound Study/CT Sea Grant, she has worked over 25 years for The Nature Conservancy.  Judy has a BA in Geology from Skidmore, an MS in Botany from UVM and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale School of Forestry.
We’ll have Lemonade & Iced Tea to keep you cool!

The American Lawn: Environmental Friend or Foe?

Turf grasses cover an estimated 50 million acres across the United States (an area about the size of the New England states), and most of that is in residential lawns. In and of themselves, lawns don’t have to be an environmental issue, but when they are intensively managed using nitrogen fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and water, they can significantly impact water resources, including Long Island Sound. How did we get here? The green, weed-free lawn didn’t exist in America until the late 18th century. We’ll look at the history of the American Lawn, as well as alternatives and improvements that can make our neighborhoods and communities more sustainable and environmentally sound. What you do in your backyard, matters!


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