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Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl is the undisputed king of the night skies, terrorizing and eating anything from insects and crows, to skunks and porcupines. When the sun comes up, however, the roles reverse as the owl tries its best to get a good day’s sleep, hiding from the very prey it
ravages during the night, most notably, flocks of vengeful crows. Its usual strategy is to perch high in the dense canopy of a conifer as this bird is doing, sitting right next to the trunk where it blends into the bark. While this makes the owl nearly invisible to birders, crows seem to have little trouble finding a GHO, and they take great delight in harassing it in a raucous mob. All this noise works to your advantage, however. If you hear a flock of hysterical crows, go check out the scene. Look near the center of their collective attention and you may spot the owl, hunkered down and waiting for them to get bored and move on. December 25, 2003