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Birds of the Park

Checklist: Birds of Sherwood Island State Park

A list of 284 species was compiled in the mid-1990s by Robert Winkler, with contributions from Richard Soffer, Frank Mantlik and Charles Barnard Jr. The list published in 1996 is available here
Our web version of the list, sorted by Family, with updates, is available here.

Photographs by A.J. Hand

Our collection of A.J. Hand’s annotated photographs is arranged on three separate pages: Water Birds, Land Birds and Birds of Prey. All of the birds, with one special exception (the Barred Owl), were photographed in Sherwood Island State Park.
See the photographs

Richard Soffer’s Sherwood Island Birding Diaries

On the occasion of its opening, Dr. Richard L. Soffer presented a gift to the new Sherwood Island Nature Center: a collection of documents that represent 14 years (1994-2007) of ornithological observations at Sherwood Island State Park. The collection includes daily narrative diaries as well as charts that detail daily sightings and conditions. See the collection

Endangered and Threatened Birds

Species seen in the park, with links to sightings reports and photos.
See the list