COME TO OUR ANNUAL SHOREFEST! Lobster, Steak, Salmon, Veggies & More! PLUS our famous Silent Auction and a beautiful view Join us at The Pavilion for a delectable, delightful eve among friends!     .   .   Click on the Menu Options image above to display and print the menu page.   MEAL CHOICES: Dinner(s):  Lobster:____     Filet Mignon: _____    Salmon: _____  Vegetarian: _____             $ 75 each  $_____ NB: Kids (12 years old and under) eating adult meals must be included above. Kid's Dinner(s): Hot  Dog /  Hamburger/   Corn / Salad /   Dessert .                   $15 each  $______ (Optional) Table group: ____________                                                                                                                           Donation:             $_______                                                                                  TOTAL (My check is enclosed):                $_______  Name:  ____________ ____________ Email:  ____________ ____________ Phone: ____________     You can buy tickets by mailing us your choices as above.     OR You can also buy tickets online through Eventbrite here:

With Michele Sorensen! Sponsored by the Friends of Sherwood Island.    .                .       .  .                        .   .   . .   

A nice peaceful day on Sherwood Island for our Purple Martins, several of whom have flying insects in their mouths, ready to feed their babies nestled in our very special bird houses--er, gourds. .   .   A slight disruption, however, as Tina Green brings one of the Gourd structures down to earth.   .   .   Tina expertly supervises the extraction and categorizing of the baby chicks.             The chicks are put into special buckets, which are labeled with their nest numbers, and brought up to the Nature Center to be (painlessly) banded, registered and weighed--all in the name of science and conservation. You can see Darcy Sledge's incredible videos here:   Birds get banded     Birds get catalogued    Birds get weighed  .       .                    .                       After all the work is done--it takes a long time!--everyone gathered for snacks and roll-ups from Roly Poly.           AND THANKS! To our wonderful DEEP wildlife biologists Laurie Fortin and Brian Hess--and their volunteers. Not to mention THANKS to Tina and our Nature Center Interns. And a special thanks also to Milan Bull, Senior Director of Science and Conservation at CT Audubon Society, for helping our dream of bringing Purple Martins to Sherwood Island to become reality. In fact, we have a big event coming up next Sunday, July 14 featuring a slide show presentation on Purple Martins by Miley: