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The Friends' Project, "100 Trees for One Hundred Years" was featured on Dan Woog's blog! See his coverage at: He even covered Claudia Schattman’s magnificent artwork, where donors’ names will be placed!           When Hurricanes Irene and Sandy swept through Connecticut, Sherwood Island lost dozens of mature trees and suffered significant habitat loss.  We still have much work to do to restore plantings that will be resilient against future storms. We need your help to purchase trees, shrubs and grasses.           Download the FOSI Tree Brochure here!   PURPOSE: • Replace lost trees • Protect coastal wildlife habitat • Maintain our coastal forest • Enhance your Park’s unique environment Hurricanes Irene and Sandy swept through the CT coastline and Sherwood Island was not immune to their effects. Due to the major habitat and mature tree loss 100 trees, shrubs and grasses are being planted throughout the Park. Trees and shrubs will be selected based on professional urban forester recommendations for salt tolerance and ability to thrive in the coastal environment. Park personnel will manage the planting process, and funds will be allocated for plant maintenance. 9/11 Memorial – Planting plans are complete to replace lost trees and enhance the Memorial. Work began in fall 2015, and plans include planting juniper trees and northern bayberries. 1 – Pavilion Picnic Area: Small flowering trees and shrubs will be included in the area surrounding the newly renovated pavilion. 2 – Main Entrance and Exit: Welcome visitors to the park with native grasses and trees. 3 – Nature Center: Specimen plantings at the Nature Center and for the nature trails program will foster awareness of wildlife habitat needs. 4 – Habitat Conservation and Restorations: Planting of shrubs and beneficial grasses and dune restoration. WHAT CAN YOU DO? • Volunteer for a “planting” day • Attend a tree planting workshop • Help clear sites for bush/grasses • Work on fencing/ tree wrapping • Participate in soil testing • Identify/remove invasive species • Map current tree population • Assist in Habitat area fencing Our Park Supervisor and DEEP staff are involved and have volunteered their professional expertise for this effort. How to Contribute Donate: Make a donation of any amount to support the project. Your donation will cover planting materials and maintenance. Celebration Trees: Sponsor a tree or shrubs to honor a loved one, an event or accomplishment, or recognize someone special. Sponsorships range from $100 to $1,000.   100 Trees for One Hundred Years: Levels of donation $750 – Significant size trees (when planted) Post Oak – Quercus stellata Black Gum – Nyssa sylvatica Maidenhair Tree – Gingko biloba Hawthorn – Crataegus (CT native varieties – C. chrysocarpa, C. crusgalli, C. prunes, C. punctata, and C. succulent) Black Cherry – Prunus serotina Tree Lilac – Syringa reticulate American Elm Gray Birch – Betula populifolia $500 – Smaller tree (when planted) Post Oak – Quercus stellata Black Gum – Nyssa sylvatica Maidenhair Tree – Gingko biloba