They followed trails by Land, by Sea and by Air--   To learn of Nature, Archeology and Aerodynamics--   To observe Birds, Biplanes and Bivalves--   Sherwood Island was filled with Trail-seekers this Saturday, June 4. (PSST: Writers and Photographers: you can submit stories about your hike, and even photos here.) Today, on National Trails Day, we should humbly (proudly!) note that CT had more events than any other state; and, I believe, Sherwood Island had more events than any other location. Certainly, it had the widest variety; to wit:   A Morning Bird Walk with noted photographer A.J. Hand   What was really special about the walk was that every time we heard a bird call, Tina Green (in the pink, long-sleeved shirt), would reproduce the sound and tell us what bird was making it(!)   The Purple Martin nests--2 of which were donated by Phil Donohue--are always intriguing:     Sea Trails: Kayak the Sound with Michele Sorensen   And if you look in the distance below, past the geese and past the kayaks, you can see Cedar Point's Regatta!   Air Trails: Experience the Wonder of Flight with the Country Squire Modelers     Archaeology: Take a Walk through Ancient History with Cece Saunders       Nature: Take a Walk through the Wonders of the Park with Louis Pietig     AND LOTS MORE AT THE NATURE CENTER-         CONGRATS and THANKS to all the CT Trails Day sponsors, including the Connecticut Forest and Park Association and the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. And to all the Friends of Sherwood Island Board Members and Earthplace volunteers who helped make it all happen here on Sherwood Island:   ,   And THANKS to the Nature Center Staff:   The Interns and the Parks Dept's Ronnie Tella: Our Nature Center Director, John Curry:     Oh, and keep in mind that when we say Nature Center, we really mean it!   And a big THANKS to Parks Department Supervisor, Jim Beschle (here in discussion at the air field with big-time Sherwood Island supporter State Sen. Tony Hwang (R-28th District)). (Long-time Supporter State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26th District) also attended the air show.)       For more info, see:   --All our pics on Flickr! — Connecticut Forest & Park Association’s site.  –The National Hiking Society’s June 4 National Trails Day site. –Our entry at the Long Island Sound Study’s site. And yes, Connecticut had the most events of all 50 states–by far! PS: Writers and Photographers: you can submit stories about your hike, and even photos here.